Benefits of  Acupuncture

“This practice uses tiny needles (as thin as human hair) placed strategically into the body at specific acupuncture points,”

Benefits Proven to Improve Blood Flow and Circulation

“This helps maintain the body’s homeostasis, reduce inflammation, and support the body’s innate healing processes,”

Improve blood flow and circulation

“Stagnation leads to slowing of blood flow, which means it can manifest as many different health issues,” the AIAM says.

Maintain the body’s Homeostasis

Acupuncture is known to return your body to homeostasis. It does this by stimulating points on the body to balance your Qi.

Reduce Inflammation

This strong benefit reduces inflammation all over the body. The immune, respiratory, circulatory to nervous systems included.

Reduce Stress Levels

Most patients say acupuncture is painless and extremely relaxing.” “After a session, the patient typically feels so relaxed

Support The Body’s Innate Healing Processes

“Energy imbalances or constricted flow of energy can cause and accentuate pain,” the AIAM says.